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Crossed Eyes

Years before the discovery of its benefits in cosmetics, Botox® was first used successfully to treat a human medical condition—strabismus—in 1980 (Scott 1980).

Strabismus is a disorder in which eyes are misaligned or crossed due to weakened eye muscles.

Botox® injections into the overactive muscles help rebalance the strength and realign the eyes for about 3 months, as demonstrated by numerous studies (Carruthers 1985; Flanders 1987; Petitto 1991; Lennerstrand 1998). Even in infants and children, Botox® is safe and has been used instead of or in addition to surgical correction. (Biglan 1989; Magoon 1989; Scott 1990).

There were no serious complications reported in any of the studies. The Food and Drug Administration approval for adults came in 1989, with Health Canada approval following shortly after, in 1990.

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