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Botox - Approved Indications    


Foot Deformity (with Juvenile Cerebral Palsy)

Injections of Botox® are used in children with equinus foot, a deformity associated with cerebral palsy, which generally causes stiff, spastic muscles. In severe cases, children may be unable to walk or control their movements.

Studies have shown that Botox® relaxes the spastic muscles and improves balance, ability to walk, and foot deformity (Koman 1993; Calderon-Gonzalez 1994; Koman 1994) and may help avoid orthopedic surgery (Metaxiotis 2002).

Injected directly into the muscle, the drug stops overly active muscles from tensing and reduces muscle stiffness, allowing the muscles to be stretched and encouraging normal growth. Injections are required every 3 to 6 months or when the effects of the toxin wear off.

Adverse effects are mild to moderate and include muscle weakness. In a large study of 114 children, no serious, severe, or irreversible adverse effects were experienced, and the majority of the side effects were mild (Koman 2000).